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• Aunt Aggie De's Pralines were named "The Official Best Gourmet Praline and Pecan Candy of Texas" by "The Official Best of" series.  The segment was featured on The Discovery Channel nationwide in April 2013.

• Simply Gluten Free Magazine" featured our new Valentine tubes and chose us as one of their "Favorite Things" in their Jan/Feb 2013 issue.  They wrote, "Treat yourself or someone you love with Aunt Aggie De's Pralines and other pecan confections.  Famous for their Creamy Pralines you will also find such treats as Pecan Brittle, Butter Pecan Toffee, Praline Sauce, and even Chocolate Pralines - so you can have your pralines and chocolate too! Aunt Aggie De's Pralines are made with the highest quality ingredients and most of all ... lots of love!"

• In a world where mass production can minimize flavor, Eleanor still does things the deliciously old-fashioned way.  Quality is key for Aunt Aggie De's ...."  -- Southern Lady Magazine, September/October 2012

• Eleanor Harren, Aunt Aggie De's CEO and Founder, explains the secrets to her success to Kerry Hannon at  Of course, quality is key!

• Aunt Aggie De's Pralines are one of 27 specialty food items (out of the 180,000 at the show) featured by The Washington Post during the Summer Fancy Food Show.

• "We've teamed up with Whole Foods Market Park City in 2012 to provide our creamy original pralines for theatre green rooms, the Hideaway Lounge, and Volunteer Village at the film festival. Just like Robert Redford envisioned for his film festival, Eleanor believes that making a great praline means stripping away the glitz and concentrating on good ingredients and lots of care.  In both cases, you end up with a quality product!"

• "Besides a rapidly developed praline addiction, customers return to Aunt Aggie De's due to the high levels of customer service and the fast delivery."  —Profile Magazine, 2010

• In 1999, Southern Living Magazine suggested using Aunt Aggie De's Pralines in a featured Cheescake.

•  "If you're in the market for something out  of the ordinary for that special someone, this is certainly the place for you."  —South Texas Traveler Magazine, 2003

•  "You have been chosen as one of our favorite places to go in the Lone Star State." —Bob Phillips, "Texas Country Reporter" (television show)

Plan a Trip To Sinton,Texas

We encourage you to take a day trip to Sinton and visit our exquisite gift shop. We carry all of the Aunt Aggie De's candy line year round (this is the only place you can purchase our chocolate items March thru October) plus much, much more. We have a huge selection of gourmet treats as well as unique and fine gifts. Our sales staff will gladly recommend a great lunch spot as well as other local shops deserving a look.

We are normally open Weekdays 9-5 and Saturdays from 10-4. We don't move at the same rushed pace as the rest of the world. I always find time for a cup of coffee and a sampling of our goodies!

Eleanor Harren

30 Years Celebration

2017 marks our 30th anniversary year. We've celebrated all year long and we hope you come to join us.