Praline Care

Creamy Praline

Our creamy praline has a shelf life of three weeks, but can be frozen up to a year. There are no preservatives in any of our products and we plan to keep it that way. Keeping the creamy praline away from light and excessive air circulation will help to preserve its soft, creamy texture.

Chewy Praline

Our chewy praline will easily last at least 6 months without any special care. However, extremely hot temperatures will cause it to melt. It will reform when brought back to room temperature, but may stick to the wrap slightly.

Praline Sauce

You may notice a layer of syrup at the bottom of the jar. The sauce is still good. This is a natural settling due to the fact that we do not add any preservatives to keep the syrup from separating. Simply heat and stir slightly or shake gently before serving.

Quite frankly, we don't think the candy will be around your home long enough to get old!