"These pralines are the best you’ll ever taste. Made with highest quality American-grown ingredients including large pecan halves, they are presented beautifully and shipped everywhere!"

Hoffman Media Fun Finds,
publishers of "Southern Lady," "Cooking with Paula Deen," "Victoria," and "Tea Time," 2013


I returned to my office today after the Christmas break and found a delivery from your company. My friend sent me a basket of your goodies for my birthday. Heaven help me, the pralines and sauces are the best I have ever tasted. Being raised in the South, I know pralines and good food... and your stuff is INCREDIBLE!

You are now my gift of choice for friends and family."

Ben Starling
Executive Director

Outstanding Business Leader Assn.

Rule 1
k"I think I have eaten enough  pralines in my life, after living in South Texas for most of it, to know a really good one when I find it.  These are the best I have ever had, and I order them every year to give to clients at Christmas.  They taste incredible and the packaging makes them very special to give for gifts.   Try the toffee at Christmas."

Kathleen Day
Corpus Christi

"I found a gold mine at my store's checkout counter - Aunt Aggie De's Pralines. How exciting is that! I moved to Colorado from Texas, where I was born and reared, about eleven years ago. Until a few weeks ago, I had been without a Texas Praline except for trips back to Texas, then I hit pay dirt. What a treat! I cannot begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed them. I look forward to ordering from your website now that I know about you. Thanks for making this Texas girl feel at home in Colorado in spite of the 1 degree temperature today!"

Betty Jones
Brittle_2"Aunt Aggie De's pecan pralines are the best pralines I have ever tasted. I first tried them a few years ago when visiting Sinton, TX. I am from Arkansas and they are a little hard to come by locally, so with out a hitch I can order them online and they are delivered perfectly! My family loves them SO MUCH that we ordered them as wedding favors at my daughter's wedding!"

Debbie Atzenhoffer Hesseltine, Arkansas

"I have been eating these pralines for as long as I can remember, and they have never disappointed. They are absolutely delicious with a creamy texture, and they have the perfect amount of nuts to offset the sweetness. There is a wide variety of flavors, and although I usually get the originals, the chewys and chocolate ones are just as delicious. They make fabulous presents, and the store is beautiful and is always decorated for the holidays. These are my family's favorite desserts, and I would recommend them to anyone."

Maylin, Texas

"About five years ago I visited my friend in Georgetown, Texas. It was here that I was first introduced to Aunt Aggie De's Pralines. While I was paying for our dinner at a little Mexican restaurant in Georgetown I bought a couple of your pralines that were in a dish by the cash register. I had thought we would share them when we got back to her place. After my first bite I knew that I wouldn't be sharing these with anyone!!!  We can't get them in Canada other than through your website. Have you ever thought of distribution in Canada? I know that there are enough Albertans in Texas who have also tasted your delight and can't get them when they get back home. I would be interested if you are planning to open up in our country--the taste sells itself."

Thank you from Lily in Alberta, Canada

"The creamy pralines are FABULOUS just the right sweetness, consistency, taste, and crisp pecans. They taste creamy and fresh and sweet and nutty and just plain GOOD. Like the old days!! My grandmother made pecan pralines with Karo and a lot of different brown sugars and butter, but these are quite different. I love both kinds (hers were very thin and snappy from crystallized sugar). Unfortunately, she passed on before giving me her recipe - but downtown is only a bus ride away! Thanks so much for bringing your product to the pecan-deprived Pacific Northwest."


Lee Peterson, Seattle